Uplink Studios

Meet The Team

The Uplink Studios team brings together individuals with experience in computer development technology, business management, and financial control. The principles include:

Zach Briggs, CEO / President, is an exceptionally innovative and talented system  designer and aggressive business manager whose interests range from particle physics and game development to robotics. Zach has extensive experience in software development with database, client/server, compression, encryption, and networking technologies with a hands-on understanding of wired, wireless, satellite, cellular, and fiber-optic networks. He holds multiple certifications in networking, computer software, and hardware. Zach has managed as many as 200 employees on country wide projects.

Neville Bowers, Chief Development Officer/Vice President, is a system development team manager with 16 years experience in a wide selection of disciplines and languages. The majority of his work has been with database systems, ranging in application from Medical Systems (Hospital and Patient Management Software) to Knowledge Management and CRM (Common Knowledge, Pivotal, MS CRM).

Mark Ash, CFO/Treasurer will provide financial management for the project. Mark has 18 years experience in financial management at various levels. The last eleven years have been in aerospace accounting, finance, IT systems management, and production cost accounting. Mark holds certification as a Certified Public Accountant.  

Bruce Wilcox, COO/Project Director has over 45 years of executive management experience, including manufacturing, quality control, customer service, finance, program management and ERP implementation. Bruce’s background includes COO, Clifford Development; VP Product Quality, Williams International; Financial Director for the Air Force’s F15 fighter aircraft program and Program Director for the Air Force’s C17 Cargo Aircraft procurement.